Why would you hide your sexuality?

New Zealand has moved a long, long way since the early?eighties when politicians hid their sexuality, and?homosexual acts were illegal.

These days when someone famous comes out the comment is met with a big arm stretching YAWN and ?who cares??with a bit of?mild pity for someone who hid the way?they were born for years.

What is worse is that even in a parliament where the population of gays is far higher than the rest of society certain people cannot bring themselves to be honest about their sexuality.

This is a crying shame and they deserve our sympathy for what must be a difficult decision.?

On the other hand politicians and especially cabinet ministers are supposed to be role models and set examples for the rest of the country.

Living in the closet is not setting a good example, and helps perpetuate the torture many in the closet deal with daily.

Closeted Cabinet Ministers are sending a terrible message to young gays and lesbians who are struggling with their own identity.

They should just come out and stop all the lies.