Labour relaunches their Hobbit Hater policy

Labour has re-launched their Hobbit Hater policy at the behest of the unions, proving that their investment in purchasing David Cunliffe and the 20% vote for the leadership has provided a cash for policy arrangement that is giving their leaders sticky knickers.

The Labour Party wants to repeal the law changes that were ceded to Warner Bros over The Hobbit films, a move which the Government says would cripple the $3 billion screen industry.

Labour leader David Cunliffe and MP Andrew Little launched the party’s work and wages policy yesterday, which included a boost to the minimum wage, and a commission of inquiry into workplace conditions.

Here’s an idea…why don;t they just declare a wages crisis, and in short order National will fix the problem. Seems to have worked for manufacturing and housing…it’s worth a crack.

So Labour wants to kill off the film industry in NZ, Dotcom’s party just wants to steal it, and the Greens want to destroy the oil?and gas industry.

They really are the wrecking ball of the NZ economy.

But wait it gets worse…Labour also wants to kill jobs.?

A $2 boost in the minimum wage to $16.25 an hour by early 2015 would mean an extra $4000 a year for those workers – but the Government was quick to dismiss this as costing up to 6000 jobs.

If $16.25 will alleviate poverty imagine what the living wage would do…what about $29.75 or $33.45 per hour that would really get things going following their logic.

Minister for Labour Simon Bridges said the change would deter major film companies from making movies in New Zealand, and threaten the industry, which employed 16,000 people.

“The law changes kept The Hobbit movies in New Zealand, and saved thousands of high-value jobs. We’d be back to where we were, which was a time of legal challenge and real uncertainty, and unions trying to vie for power and control.”

Mr Bridges said the minimum wage in New Zealand was the highest in the world, relative to the average wage.

Advice from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment showed that a minimum wage of $16 an hour could see up to 6000 fewer jobs.

Mr Little dismissed the ministry’s advice. “Every time the minimum wage went up under Labour, the official advice was that it was going to cost jobs. It never did.”

Typical of Labour, ignore the advice they don;t like, they know best…the ridiculousness is that our minimum wage is the amongst the highest int he world and they are all pushing for ?the so-called Living Wage which is even higher…and also rates higher than the living wage in London. No one on earth thinks that our living costs are higher than a low paid workers in London.

These people love policies that spend other people’s money.


– NZ Herald