Attempts to undermine Whaleoil financial vialbility continue [UPDATED]


Hacked from Martyn’s Daily Love and Truth blog: ?


It seems that Pak ‘n Save would like to make a political and/or ethical stance. ? As is their right.

I really don’t see there is much point in any vigilante action. ?I don’t like the idea of where that’s going to end up: ?with a list of companies that will support left politics, and list of companies that will support the right.

So far, companies that have been involved in taking a political position by withdrawing?Whaleoil advertising are

  • Powershop ?(who have since re-instated… reluctantly)
  • Flight Centre ?[UPDATE: see below]
  • Pak ‘n Save ?(Foodstuffs)

I think it is worth taking note of this when you place your own business, but that’s the limit of the response I think. ?With everything else going on right now, the last thing we need is to go on a witch hunt and divide the nation’s businesses into political and apolitical.

So, Whaleoil is under siege from all sides. ?And this is where you can help. ?If you like the idea of our voice providing your point of view to New Zealand, then you can negate the financial damage inflicted by political businesses withdrawing their advertising dollars from Whaleoil by making a donation.

It doesn’t have to be much. ?Perhaps a small amount via a recurring charge to your card or by setting up an AP. ?It all adds up.

So far, thanks to our loyal readers, every time the left have attacked our funding, it has been negated by the support we receive from our Whaleoil Ground Crew – you.

Thank you.





Flight Centre have responded saying they do not have an advertising ban on Whaleoil. ?Until I track down the evidence to the contrary (as we spoke of this before), can you please consider this one “in limbo”. ?Ta.


Of course, that statement may still be true when put along side the original (from memory) that Flight Centre had blocked its ads from appearing on our site.