How’s that global warming and ice free Arctic going?

We were told by “scientists” that by 2012 the Arctic Ocean would be ice free due to global warming.

So now we are two years past that prediction how is it actually going?

It is?nearing the end of the northern hemisphere summer, and?Arctic sea ice?isn?t anywhere near melting clean away as?the likes of Al Gore?once claimed.


As you can see the Ice area is well away from??1 Standard Deviation of the Average.

In other words it isn’t disappearing as predicted and 2012 as a predicted ice free year was a hoax.

Now look at the extent, that is the reach of the ice coverage.


The 2014 minimum extent in Summer is also miles away from the 1980’s,1990’s and 2000’s average lowest extent.

In the next month it starts getting colder and the ice starts building again.