Does Phil Goff have the Hamas Interior Ministry on speed dial?

Flabbergasting is the best way to describe Phil Goff’s latest statement on facebook after he opened his cranium and spilled its rotten contents all over social media. The self styled diplomat of Foreign Affairs? Middle East Hamas Interior Ministry spokesman of New Zealand ?made a statement with an obvious anti Israeli slant that was riddled with inaccuracies and misinformation. The obvious ignorance of human rights abuses by Palestinians?Gaza Arabs themselves is astounding, and is a continuation of the mindless repeating of people who read the *NEWS*.


Goff’s goofy statement is not something I can let by without it being addressed, and for a Labour politician to take on the stance of such commentary around the conflict is idiotic, there goes the Israeli/Jewish vote for this election. Congratulations.

The following is the statement of Yasser Arafat’s hand in hand partner on facebook taken to pieces to reveal the shrouded bias:

Imagine if it was Hamas killing children

They do Phil, they use them as human shields, force them to onto the roofs of buildings where Israel has phoned in an airstrike, they train them up as terrorists in indoctrination camps.

What would our and the world?s response be if it were Hamas killing hundreds of innocent Israeli children?

Well they’re trying Phil, but those rockets are just so hopeless to aim and estimate the range of their targets that they in ineffective, not because of LACK OF TRYING. It is also made more difficult by Israel destroying their tunnels into Israel.

Imagine if Hamas was deliberately targeting school buildings controlled by the United Nations which they knew were sheltering civilians and children.

Are you serious Phil? They are targeting children, on both sides of the concrete wall. They are indiscriminately firing rockets at the children in Israel, ?while hiding behind the children in Gaza. It is either serious stupid or naive to ignore that. I’m going with stupid.

You also mention United Nations buildings, the same buildings that are sheltering Hamas rocket launching sites and command posts. Journalists have reported being taken into buildings in the top floors to see the damage and casualties of civilans, but are threatened or ushered away when they attempt to go into lower floors or basements. Why is that Phil? What are Hamas protecting? More on that in a later post.

There would not be the mild concern that John Key and the US State Department has so far expressed. There would be justifiable outrage. We appear to have double standards.

Yes that is right Phil, you do appear to have double standards. It is blatantly obvious. Much like the protesters in Auckland, but more on them later too.

Apparently the life of a Palestinian child is of less importance than that of an Israeli child.

Apparently? according to who? Where does this “apparently” come from? That sounds like it’s coming from you Phil. I am yet to see any official statement. ?Why wouldn’t Israel protect all of its citizens, I see no relevance in children being singled out. That is nothing more than shrouded anti Israeli propaganda that is rattling around in your head.

I am appalled at what is happening and angry when I hear the self-justifying of Israeli authorities. I am not and never have been anti-Israel. Israel has the right to peace and security like any other people. But they will never secure that while they entrench hatred and resentment among the Palestinian people whose children are dying and who live in prison camp conditions in the Gaza Strip. Already facing unemployment of 40% and isolation from the world because of blocked borders, they now face loss of power, water and sewerage, and the means of survival.

Wake up out of your spitting on Vietnam vets mentality Phil and ask the serious and unbiased questions about why Palestinians are living in the conditions they are. They are are virtually living in prison conditions because of the governing organisation they are supporting which is hell bent on destroying Israel as is stated in their charter.

Israel has since nearly eliminated suicide bombings on buses and in populated places such as Malls and cafe’s ?in Israel by erecting what you call a “prison”. Hamas’ solution to that was to start building and importing rockets that can be fired over the wall.

The argument I often see is “Israel’s response is completely disproportionate.” I find that laughable. The only reason it is that way is because Hamas lacks decent missile technology to inflict maximum damage, and the inability to stroll into a market or onto a bus and blow themselves up, not through lack of intention. What are all these tunnels for anyway Phil, humanitarian aid?

Honestly you need to pull your blinkers off and stop being a Hamas hugger, Phil.

?I am not and never have been anti-Israel. Israel has the right to peace and security like any other people.

Sounds like an unforced defensive explanation to me Phil, and we all know what that means…..