The anatomy of a Whaleoil boycott activist

You might wonder what the likes of The Daily Blog lefty loons actually say when they approach companies with their complaints about advertising on Whaleoil.

From: jenny hotbabe [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 8 September 2014 5:09 PM
To: [email protected]

It has come to my attention that in the past your company has been involved in financing Cameron Slater’s Whale Oil? Blog site through advertising.

I would like to bring to your attention that being aligned with this blogger given recent events brings your company into disrepute by association. This is not political, it is purely an expectation of human decency and personal respect which Mr Slater does not deliver in his writings.

Neither myself nor friends will be using your companies services until we hear that a declaration has been made that the company has disassociated itself from Mr Slater and any of his Machiavellian hate speech endeavors which the country is now discovering are delivered as a paid for product for political malcontents and high flying unethical business partners who have something to hide or gain.

New Zealand does not need this kind of behaviour and ethical companies should not be supporting it.

Jenny Toso

It’s not political?

Why did 2Degrees remove their advertising when the Daily Blog lefty loons say it isn’t even political, yet 2Degrees removed all their advertising from political blogs. ? “Odd”.

Anyway, not every business is cowed

Dear Jenny

I am really pleased you sent me this wonderful email. I am so glad that you made us aware of Mr Slater. At least we know that Mr Slater is real, unlike you who hides behind a an email address.

Please send us your address and contact address so we can tell you in person how pathetic you are, as one, we have never advertised with Mr Slater or his company and secondly, we do not appreciate anonymous emails from people who make groundless allegations.

I did think about not writing, only on the basis that you may not be able to understand the reason or the response.

Now, I’m not sure that’s the right way to respond, but it does capture the feeling rather well.

Jenny is shocked though

How very rude. If I was anonymous I would not have signed my own name or given you my personal email. I am an elderly lady who has had enough of the despicable situation NZ politics finds itself in and for the first time ever decided to do what little I could to make it better. I am an invalid and I can assure you – if you would like to come around home for coffee you are very welcome.

Other, more polite organisations I contacted such as Bridgestone, 2 Degrees, the Breast Cancer Foundation and others have discovered that their advertising banner on this particular site is part of Google?s advertising network which embeds its advertisements within thousands of different websites. And while they advertise on this Google network, unfortunately they did not provide controls regarding which sites their advertisement appeared on.

However they have provided an assurance that they haven?t ever deliberately chosen to advertise on that specific site and having contacted Google, were ensuring they never would again.

Perhaps this has happened with your company too? It it is not I that accuses you Sir – your banner has been noted as being on this site in several social media streams. I am just telling you about it.

Kind Regards
Jenny Toso

Good eh? ?As we know Bridgestone told Jenny and her ilk to take a hike. ?I’m not aware of the Breast Cancer Foundation. ?We may look into that if it becomes relevant. ?(So Whaleoil readers should just die of breast cancer, as they are less deserving? ?Or, donations made to the Breast Cancer Foundation made by Whaleoil readers aren’t actually wanted? ? It’s got to be one or the other).

But as you can see, these are insidious emails.

You know, I have no doubt Jenny is actually feeling kind of rightous about this. ?She’s entirely entitled to have a view, and she’s also allowed to petition businesses to do or not do something.

The problem here remains that these businesses don’t know they’re walking into a trap that will only damage them. ?Jenny won’t have a different life. ?And Whaleoil won’t suffer either. ? Google will simply serve up another ad. ?It doesn’t actually hurt us.

But it does hurt businesses that get themselves caught in the ?middle.

But not this one

Thank you for your response. We do not advertise with Mr Slater, and we do not advertise with Wale Oil, however we do advertise through Google.

I may not agree with Mr Slater or the Whale Oil blog, but then I believe in Freedom of speech, and actions that are lawful. The actions of hacking into someone property is illegal and must not be tolerated in a democratic society. Likewise people who steal personal information or private/confidential information from another by hacking are, in my view are in the same arena, people who should be incarcerated for their actions.

As for all the information in the public arena from that guy who wrote a book, he is using, in my opinion, shall we say, stolen property to gain a financial benefit. I do not see the prime minister as a person I would not trust and certainly he is leading the country in the right direction.

As a company, this company advertises and does so in a commercial sense. We do not know Mr Slater or anything really about him and his blog site, but I have had a look at it and it seems that he is invoking his fundamental right to make comments, in the same way you are. I do not see a difference.

What I do see in you are attempting us to urge Google to stop our ads from being run on Mr Slater and his blog site, without our knowledge, so that he will eventually, I assume be unable to afford to carry on. It is this I find distasteful and unethical.

I would suggest that you consider whether this is not just a political ploy, and maybe you should wait till all the facts come out rather than writing emails.

Is your business stuck between a rock and a hard place because someone had a knee jerk reaction to one of Jenny’s (or her friends’) emails?

There is a way out. ?Contact us, before you get to a point where 2Degrees has got to – dug in, not willing to say they made a mistake, and losing business every hour.



Jenny, Dianne and others are part of an organised group of people central to The Daily Blog that have decided to try and damage Whaleoil through this kind of campaign.

As the business owner says: ?they are expressing themselves in a free society.

But you, as a business, need to think through your reaction to what is, in effect, half a dozen people trying to push for change that have?absolutely no interest in your company.

Pak ‘n Save were momentarily caught up in this due to a poor middle management decision, and we calculated that they lost between $20M-$40M turnover in the two weeks before their advertising returned due to our readers being outraged at Pak ‘n ?Save apparently not needing their business.

Whaleoil doesn’t care if you advertise here or not. ?But if you take a public stand against it, then we reserve the right to tell our quarter of a million readers so they can take it into account when they make their own purchasing decisions.

Give the 2Degrees CEO a call and ask how it’s going for them.


And if you really hate Whaleoil, what can you do? ? Well, read on:



If your company really doesn?t want to advertise here. ?Just block it, but don?t TELL ANYONE. ? Don?t tell the far left loons that you have blocked it ? they?ll crow loudly, and we?ll just let our quarter of a million readers know about it too.

But if you don?t tell anyone, you can both take our money away, AND not get any public backlash!

I would have thought that would have been blindingly obvious, but it seems ? so far ? a lot of left thinking marketing people haven?t gotten that clear in their minds.

You?re welcome.