The drink takes its toll?

Moments after the Clown of Campbells Bay, Andrew Williams, is kicked into touch, Winston starts to bang on about binge drinking.

Mere coincidence or a telling sign?

Being drunk in a public place will be an offence if NZ First has its way after the election.

Party leader Winston Peters also wants more police on the beat.

He says the government hasn’t increased the police budget in six years despite population increases.

“They went further in the last budget and actually took $40 million from the police budget,” he told a public meeting on Wednesday.

“That’s why they go to extraordinary lengths to convince you crime is dropping.”?

Mr Peters said his party would tackle binge drinking.

“It’s got out of hand, it’s ruining the lives of our young people, it’s alarming,” he said.

“We will make it an offence to be drunk or drug affected in a public place to a degree that could cause serious harm to themselves or someone else.”

Mr Peters said police were stretched so thin the countryside was “virtually unpoliced overnight” and NZ First would do something about that.

He hasn’t said how many more police NZ First wants or how much extra funding his party would put into the police budget.

Does the Green Parrot count as a public place? Or Parliament?