Explaining is losing, but then I’m a Puffed up big S…

The NZ Herald have allowed Pam Corkery to write her own piece in an attempt to repair the damage she caused when she called journalist “Cameron Slater’s glove puppets”.

There’s nothing like family and colleagues to stretch out a public embarrassment for longer than is absolutely necessary.

Mind you TV3 is helping – giving my “puffed up little shit” chart-read to one of its reporters yet another airing this week.

In a misleading juxtaposition of footage I was part of a promo for the first bigCampbell Live interview with the Prime Minister after his weekend victory.

Courtesy of the repeat, I got gentle tune-ups again from workmates.

My eldest daughter first saw the footage online at her home outside London. “Dear God, you crazy woman, you’re not in an episode of Veep.”

Having your children refer to you as God might be part of the problem? ?(Couldn’t resist…) ?

I’ll skip over the explaining is losing part where she laments being on the end of behaviour that she was of course part of when she was in the media herself. ?Let’s not even waste the H world on her.

But at the end of her article, she hits the nail on the head

Newspaper people are fine. There are the normal social niceties. Often laughs.

Not putting the bite on the great psychologists here, I reckon it’s because print reporters aren’t publicly recognisable whereas telly and some radio reporters increasingly imagine themselves as celebrities.

Here’s the thing. This is New Zealand. It is small. A large slice of the nation has been in one of the Hobbit-LOTR’s yawn fests.

The words ‘big fish’ and ‘small pond’ shout out.

My colleagues and family took me aside over my lack of professionalism.

The same reasonable call can be made to media bosses and the family of these egomaniacs before 2017. Puffed up little shits that they are.

No, newspaper people aren’t all fine either. ?There are a few that have messiah complexes and think they are bigger than the story. ?Oddly enough, awards tend to do that to people.

But then I can hardly throw the first rock there. ? Good point about TV journos being up themselves, in general. ?Especially when they name the program after you, eh?