Finally, Michael Wood has an issue he can sink his teeth into

Michael Wood now has something he can get his teeth into

Michael Wood now has something he can get his teeth into

During the Botany by-election Michael Wood, the journey man Labour candidate declared he would see an end to penis-lollies, the most important issue for him at the time.

He issued press releases about it and all.

Three?years on and this time he is going to take a pounding in Epsom for the Labour party and the penis-lollies have returned…he surely must act now to save us all.

Will he be more successful now?

A confectionery company is dealing with a sticky situation after penis-shaped gummy lollies made their way into some of its packs, costing the company thousands of dollars in recalls.

Nelson-based confectionery company Dutch Rusk imported five?pallets of the gummy lollies, called Dragon Sweets, from a Chinese manufacturer about six weeks ago. ?

Two weeks later the company started receiving complaints from people who discovered the phallic?gummies?in their mixed gummy pack.

Dutch Rusk managing director of sales Jack Van?de?Geest?said the company immediately recalled the lollies once it started receiving complaints.

“When first someone told us we thought they were joking, it can’t be right.

“But they said no, it’s honestly true so they sent us a bag. Then another phone call came a couple of days later and we thought, ‘what’s going on?’ and got everything sent back.”

One out of every 20 or 30 bags would have one or two little gummy penises in them, he said.

The company had apologised to the customers and compensated them with free lollies.

Collecting up all the bags of lollies and dumping them at the tip had cost the company thousands of dollars, Van?de?Geest?said.

“We’ve done everything that could possibly have been done … these things happen.”

The manufacturer had also apologised and refunded the company some money, Van?de?Geest?said.



– Fairfax