Did Hone throw TTT?


There is some speculation that Hone Harawira threw Te Tai Tokerau.

It seems, on the surface a strange accusation to level against the man, but it has been a persistent theme this past week.

I decided to think this one through and I’ve come to the conclusion, in Mythbusters style, that the supposition is at least plausible.

Let’s look at some provable facts.

  1. Hone Harawira did a bunk for at least a week during the campaign.
    There were reports of him being in Australia and other parts of NZ. Irrespective of those rumours he was certainly absent from campaign duties for a considerable amount of time.
  2. There ?were several fallings out amongst the leadership, the most notable being over legalisation of cannabis
  3. The deal to merge the parties was stitched together by Laila Harre, Gerard Hehir and Matt McCarten and presented to hone Harawira as a fait accompli. He had no input into the process or decision.
  4. It was only the offer of funding that swayed Hone Harawira to accept the merger.
  5. Hone’s wife was against the merger of the Internet party and the Mana party, despite the money.
  6. Hone Harawira didn’t speak at the campaign launch and was barely noticed after Dotcom boasted of hacking and Pam Corkery went feral on the media as Kim Dotcom did a runner out the back way.
  7. The whole concept was really a plan to resurrect the Alliance.

Some people will deny some of the events I’ve outlined but the problem they have is both parties are in disarray right now and people are acting to cover their exposed asses right now. They are talking and they are believable.

The fact is that as the campaign wore on Hone Harawira look less and less interested in the whole process, and looked to be a broken man.

Had his staff perhaps filled him in on the backstory of who precisely he was working with, and what they had done to stitch up the election using his party, the Mana party, as the Trojan horse to get them into parliament.

Had he finally seen that his control of the party had been usurped by money and designer clothes wearing chardonnay socialists who took the money instead of feeding the kids?

Had Hone Harawira finally removed the scales from his eyes and seen that everything he stood for had been hijacked and sold out?

If those suppositions are true then it explains the absences during the campaign, it explains his demeanour on election night and it explains his philosophical attitude since.

Hone Harawira got the last laugh?

Did he?spike the machinations of the old Alliance crew once he knew fully of their plans?

It might sound fanciful, but it is at least plausible.

The more broken Internet and Mana candidates realise the truth the more they will speak and we are likely to see more information come to light that may actually rehabilitate the reputation of Hone Harawira and show him to have?acted honourably when all around him were acting dishonourably.