ISIS hostage killers aided by Snowden leaks

Kim Dotcom, Laila Harre, David Cunliffe, Russel Norman, Metiria Turei, Glenn Greenwald… please note:

This is the somber outcome of not allowing our security services to operate properly

Intelligence officials, MPs and academics said revelations about the ability of GCHQ, the British government?s eavesdropping centre, and the US National Security Agency to intercept emails, text messages and phone calls has helped members of the militant group evade capture.

Spy chiefs in Britain and the US have warned that terrorist groups changed tactics after reading the classified files released last year by Snowden, an former intelligence contractor.

The ability of fighters from Islamic State ? also known as ISIS ? to operate with relative impunity indicates the enhanced difficulty that Western intelligence agencies face in detecting and disrupting terrorist activity after the leaks, sources said.

?It is one of the first cases where the damage to the West?s counter terrorism capability,? said John Bassett, a former GCHQ official. ?Within the community it has been very apparent. It has certainly reduced one of the West?s main tools in this situation.?

In an attempt to have his revenge on John Key, Kim Dotcom has brought the anti-GCSB nutters to town. ?Ably assisted by the far left, Labour and the Greens, they are all calling for the GCSB’s powers to be severely curtailed or even disbanded. ? Is this the price to bring down a National Government? ?

Nicholas Rasmussen, deputy director of the US National Counterterrorism Centre, has voiced frustration that the US ability to detect terrorist plots has been affected by the exposure of spy agencies? data-gathering techniques. ?It?s inarguable that that collection environment is more challenging today than it was had we not been dealing with these disclosures,? he told a recent Senate hearing.

?It is a reasonable assumption that the kind of people who are leading ISIS will have trawled their way through the Snowden leaks to see how far they can identify the techniques and procedures of intelligence gathering on behalf of the United Kingdom,? he said.

Hazel Blears, a British Labour Party MP who sits on the same committee, said Islamic State militants would be ?very much aware? of what Snowden had made public.

Professor Anthony Glees, an intelligence expert from Buckingham University said the ?Snowden effect? had obstructed efforts to pinpoint Islamic State leadership and to identify where the Western hostages were. ?Our ability to know that has been compromised by the Snowden leaks and a lot flows from that ? not least the need to put some boots on the ground to help us home in on where the hostages are,? he said

And New Zealanders, with the help (once again) of a media that will grab at anything to run an anti-Key agenda, are being scared into thinking the GCSB is a bad thing.

This fear mongering is for one purpose only – to get a Labour government in charge. ? It’s sickening.

Dirty Politics?

It’s not the book, I can assure you of that.


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