Mana blogger and Internet Party “strategist” Martyn Bradbury enrolled to vote twice

Sometime last year, a little birdy told me that Martyn Bradbury of The Daily Blog, funded by unions and the MANA Party, as well as being paid to be Kim Dotcom’s Internet party strategist, was on the electoral roll twice.

Mistakes happen. ?So I decided to wait. ? Because closer to the election, you get sent the nice enrollment pack by the Electoral Commission to confirm your details.

After this phase, I waited for the new rolls to come out. ?And what would you know? ?Martyn didn’t take the opportunity to correct the fact he is on the roll as two different people. ?(Unless he has a twin brother called Martin we have never seen or heard of living with him at the exact same address?)


So here we have someone in the political process giving advice to political parties, getting funded by political parties and unions, enrolling twice, not correcting this before the election when requested to…. and possibly already having voted twice as well.

Martyn…or Martin, will claim this is some sort of clerical error…or a mix up of?some sort. Those excuses cannot and do not hold water. Someone has filled out a form with a similar name and exact same occupation and address details and sent it in. It has been accepted and entered into the system. A form still had to be sent and registration applied for. The Electoral Commission should be pulling their records around this registration and the form handed to Police for handwriting and signature analysis.

It cannot be a clerical error, it had to be a deliberate act.

Whether he voted twice isn’t that important, as you’ll see.

You can be assured that the Electoral Commission will look into this. ?After all, enrolling twice is a criminal offence. ? Voting twice just makes it worse.



The Electoral Commission?must report this to the police. ?They have no discretion over the matter


But, as we have seen he will probably just get a “caution”. ?The New Zealand Police do not prosecute breaches of the Electoral Act. ?This is clearly a willful act to get two votes where the rest of us only get one. ?Martyn may already have voted in the previous general election and the local body election as Martyn and his twin brother Martin.


Internet Party strategist Martyn Bradbury and his paymaster Internet Party visionary Kim Dotcom

The left have tried to smear this whole “Dirty Politics” on me and some of my media and political contacts, when instead of?dirty politics, illegal politics is going on. ?This is a very clear example of how these complete morons think they can get away with corrupting New Zealand elections.

Remember folks: ?it’s illegal when the right do it, and justified for the greater good if the left do it.

It’s hacking when the right do it, and in the public interest if the left do it.

It requires Royal Commissions of Inquiry when the right do it, nothing to see here if the left do it.

Just wait for the total media blackout on a Mana Party funded blogger and an Internet Party/Kim Dotcom funded strategist having pulled this stunt. ? Of course, if it was discovered Jason Ede, or myself did something like that, it would fill the papers for a week.

You know I’m right. ? This will go nowhere.

While it is going nowhere Martyn…or is it Martin has already voted and posted a photo of him and his daughter doing so. I wonder if he explained plural voting to her. Before I hear any whining…it was Martyn Bradbury who brought his daughter into the political debate. I have protected her identity, because kids shouldn’t be used to score points against their parents.


Did Martyn or Martin teach his daughter to plural vote too?

You will also note the stark difference between me releasing information and Martyn…or is it Martin releasing information.

I have redacted innocent parties, I have also hidden his address even thought it is a matter of public record on the electoral roll. I have also blurred the face of his daughter, if only Martyn…or is it Martin respected the privacy of his daughter like I have.

Martyn…or is it Martin…has done no such thing and continues to use stolen emails and details to smear me and my associates without a shred of a regard to anyone’s privacy.