Telling the hard left to get stuffed is probably the most important thing for Labour to do

Danyl McLauchlan has taken a hiatus from his hiatus…and made a very valid point about just how out of touch the left wing activists are believing their own circle jerk of confirmation bias on Twitter and Facebook.

Here?s a point I meant to make before i went on hiatus. Here?s the aggregated polling for the Internet-Mana Party.


So. The Internet Party and the Mana Party merged in May. They were trending upwards in the polls until August when they slumped. What happened in August? A few things ? it was a crazy campaign ? but the big events for Internet/Mana were the ?Fuck John Key? video and Pam Corkery?s on camera meltdown. My post-hoc hypothesis is that those events were terribly damaging for Internet/Mana.?But when those events happened the conventional wisdom among on-line activists (on my twitter feed, the comments of my blog, places like Public Address System, see also many posts on The Daily Blog, like this one) is these events were?great?for Internet/Mana. They were ?disruptors?, and although these things might have upset mainstream New Zealand, that didn?t matter because Internet/Mana?appealed to radicals and the disenfranchised, and they?d?love?this stuff, which was tapping into this deep vein of anger among the youth of the nation.

And, at the time, that sounded plausible to me. After all, Internet/Mana was a radical party. It turned out to be totally wrong though, so it?s worth bearing in mind that most of the left-wing commentariat aren?t just out of touch with mainstream New Zealand, they?re also out of touch with radical left-wing New Zealand. Something I think left-wing MPs and their staffers need to bear in mind when they?re being howled at by these folks on twitter all day.

Telling the hard left to get f*cked is probably the most important thing for Labour to do,?while they listen to them they are rooted.


– Dimpost