Better in the tent than outside

The Maori party have signed a confidence and supply agreement with National and Te Ururoa Flavell has become a Minister.

John Key keeps his inclusive government ticking along and the Maori party continues to be able to deliver.

Te Ururoa Flavell will become a Minister outside Cabinet after the Maori Party reached a confidence and supply agreement with National for the third straight term.

The?Maori Party co-leader?was announced as the new Minister of Maori Development (a new title for what was Maori Affairs) as well as holding the Whanau Ora and associate economic development portfolios.

It came after Flavell, outgoing MP and fellow Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia and Prime Minister John Key officially signed the relationship accord with National – Te Tatau ki te Paerangi – at Parliament this afternoon.

Key welcomed the third straight agreement he had signed with the Maori Party and the way it had approached governing with National.

“I have no doubt that we New Zealanders are better off because of it.”

John Key didn’t have to include the Maori party but continues to do so.

For the Maori party they can continue to achieve results and maintain delivery of services via Whanau Ora that would otherwise go missing by forever being in opposition.

The Maori party has learned a valuable lesson, one the Greens would do well to learn.

While you are in the tent and contributing you can influence policy and spending. Outside the tent and you can achieve nothing.

It’s just a pity that Maori continue to support the old ways, the patronising superiority of the Labour party that has taken Maori support for granted since the days of Ratana.


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