The incredibly wonky, topsy, turvy world of Greg Presland

David Cunliffe acolyte, trustee and launderer of donation cash through Cunliffe’s secret trust, flea lawyer and blogger at The Standard is going full retard this morning.

Now that his messiah is nothing but a stinking, rotting, political corpse he is unleashing on the enemies of the left.

Suddenly I have some more independence. ?Instead of people thinking I am some sort of mouthpiece I can just be myself and say what I think.

I would like to start with this new feeling of independence by saying to David Shearer that the thing that really drives activists wild is when our MPs say stupid things to the media that reinforce right wing narratives about?the Labour Party. ?Please do not do this. ?If you feel?the urge to do this?please?just be quiet. ?The right will still use their framing but at least the effect will be reduced because people in our party will not be saying the same thing.

And there is Greg Presland aka Micky Savage doing what socialist and Labour people do best…threatening silence on dissent, not because the message is inherently evil?but because?it doesn’t fit their narrative or world view. This over-riding belief that people who have different views should be silenced is part of Labour’s problems not a solution.

And another thing, going on Paul Henry?s show and talking to him about Labour?s internal politics is not a good thing to do. ?He is not a friend of the party. ?He is actually a real @#&*%^&+. ?He does not have the party?s best interests in mind and any Labour MP getting an invite to appear on his show should decline the opportunity. ?And yes I know that David Cunliffe appeared on his show. ?The things we do ?

Ok so this continues the theme…now he has extended it to imploring that people only speak with media personalities who are friendly to Labour, and who have the “party’s?best interests in mind”. Think about that for a moment. He is saying that Labour politicians should only speak to their mates int he media…to only go on shows that they perceive as having the best interests of the Labour party in mind. The fact that he thinks there is nothing wrong in even writing that shows how deluded and out of touch he is.

And I am struggling with your comments in this morning?s?Herald that the ?current calls for a female or Maori deputy leader to balance out the white, middle-aged men running as leader was one sign of that obsession. ?People are saying we?ll have a white bloke for a leader so we need a woman or Maori as deputy. No. We need the most competent person whether that?s woman or a man. That speaks a lot about the party.?

Well it does but only that the party thinks equality is important and its leadership should?be representative. ?Male female, white black, older younger, this presents an ideal partnership. ?And dang but three?of the most competent MPs we have are Carmel Sepuloni, Nanaia Mahuta and Poto Williams. ?For instance Carmel not only won her seat but also?increased the party vote. ?Compared to the?result in Mount Albert she did really well, extraordinarily well. ?If you are looking for competence then there are plenty of female MPs to choose from.

Finally proof at how weird, whacky and topsy, turvy the labour party has become. They simply don’t believe in the best person for the job…they are not a meritocracy, they are a collection of decidedly average nobodies who are all hanker for their turn in a job of importance.

But given his criteria then the only person who could possibly qualify for deputy leader would be Louisa Wall. If she hacked off her leg with a blunt axe then she’d be a shoe-in (excuse the pun). She’s a woman, she is Maori, she is a lesbian, the only thing she is missing is being a cripple.

On a final note,?Kelston was a completely new seat, so how could Sepuloni have ‘also?increased the party vote’?


– The Standard