NZ wins Security Council Seat

All the bribes and threats and whatever else is needed inside the morally corrupt United Nations and despite the best efforts of our media and opposition to poofinger the bid has paid off, NZ has won its seat on the Security Council.

I fear however that John Key and Murray McCully have simply had an Underpants Stealing strategy.

1. Win seat on Security Council
2. ???
3. Finish up two years and move back to obscurity.

In a vote at the UN’s New York headquarters on Thursday local time (Friday morning NZT), New Zealand picked up 145 votes, claiming one of the “Western Europe and other nations” seats – ahead of Turkey and Spain – in the first round of voting.

New Zealand will take its seat on the council for two years, starting on January 1, 2015. The last time New Zealand sat on the council was 1993-94. It had earlier stints in 1953/54 and 1966.

It has been hailed a victory for small states by Prime Minister John Key, who said it came after hard work over a decade lobbying for the seat.

“We have worked very hard on the bid for close to a decade because we believe that New Zealand can make a positive difference to world affairs and provide a unique and independent voice at the world’s top table.

“It has been more than 20 years since New Zealand was last on the Council and we are ready to contribute again. ?

“It was a tough campaign against Spain and Turkey, two much bigger countries and close friends.”

Key acknowledged the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully had also been working full-time on securing the seat.

“Our win proves small countries have a role to play at the UN and we are determined to represent the perspective of small states at the Security Council table,” Key said.

“At the moment the Council faces a number of challenging issues. New Zealand is looking forward to serving on the Council and making a positive contribution throughout our two-year term.”

The campaign for a seat started in 2004 and culminated this week in last ditch lobbying by McCully and his Labour Party opposite David Shearer.

Now what?

The UN is a dog, why do we even bother.

For me this is just big waste of time and money. Especially when you look at the claims of a great victory by countries like Venezuela which was elected unopposed.

Venezuela’s foreign minister, Rafael Ramirez, quickly dedicated “this huge triumph” to late Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez. He said the election win came despite a “malign campaign against our country.”

The United States, which torpedoed Venezuela’s last attempt to join the council in 2006, would not discuss how it voted. Ten countries abstained in that vote.

Despite current President Nicolas Maduro’s close ties with Syria’s President Bashar Assad and Iran and its support for Russia over the Ukraine crisis, the United States chose not to publicly oppose Venezuela’s candidacy this year.

Yeah, so it wasn’t a great victory and there was no campaign against them.


– Fairfax