Another NewstalkZB staffer goes feral

There seems to be a cancer eating away at NewstalkZB…one of a lack of courage too, because Rachel Smalley and ?now James Robins are both giving me a good ?kicking.

You have to wonder if an edict has gone out from NZME.

But neither of them have the courage to say these sorts of things to my face…like many in the media they are spineless cowards.

James Robins goes on a defamatory rant…it really is quite funny. Dallas Gurney will be loving the ratings and traffic that a stoush?with me brings.

The Labour Party?s new leader Andrew Little may believe that the Prime Minister should ?stand up, take responsibility?apologise? and ?move on?. But there?s little chance of turning away from an ever-increasing barrage of evidence against the Government?s deeply disgusting, disturbing, and treacherous actions.

Inspector General Cheryl Gwyn?s inquiry sought to uncover allegations made against Warren Tucker (former head of the Security Intelligence Service), staffers in the Prime Minister?s office (like black-ops man Jason Ede), and Cameron Slater (a ?toxic? hatemonger and terminal ?reprobate? blogger) prior to the 2011 Election.

What?disgusting, disturbing, and treacherous actions….this is politics you numpty.

As for calling me a toxic hatemonger, have you been swallowing the seed of Martyn Martin Bradbury? I bet Larry Williams and Leighton Smith don’t agree with you…or even your own boss.

Then-Labour leader Phil Goff, mistakenly convinced that he hadn’t received an intelligence briefing about the actions of a few Israelis after the Christchurch earthquake, found himself under attack not during Question Time or from his enemies during a media stand-up but from the fly-blown pages of a deranged blog.

Released on Tuesday, Gwyn?s report entirely confirms (as if Nicky Hager?s claims needed more affirmation) that Slater received a tip-off about Goff?s folly, was coached through making an OIA request by Key?s staffer Jason Ede, received his politically-damaging treasure in record time thanks to Tucker?s inability to stay ?politically neutral?, and proceeded to lambast the Labour Party alongside the Government who gleefully kept their hands ?clean? of the entire affair.

Actually Nicky Hager didn’t prove anything. He still thinks Franics Till is a woman FFS. But Robins just repeats oft-repeated lies…defamations in fact, but I’m not a big sook that goes running off to sue people…I just mock them mercilessly for their utter stupidity.

Secondly, Hager and his allies have been attacked once again for attempting (somewhat successfully) to uncover a sliver of truth amongst the murk. When Hager released his book, he was savaged as a ?screaming left-wing conspiracy theorist? who creates ?assumptions and accusations [which] are dissolving before his eyes? and ?makes stuff up?.

Now, despite the wealth of evidence to the contrary, John Key acts as if he has been totally exonerated, insisting that ?not a single one of these [claims] have been stacked up by this report?. Chris Finlayson, now the minister responsible for the SIS, lashed out at Radio New Zealand?s Guyon Espiner on Thursday morning for even asking a question about the scandal, branding his accusations ?absolute rubbish? and ?bizarre? and ?verging on irresponsible?.

I’ll tell you what is irresponsible…media hacks like James Robins justifying a criminal act on the basis of their hatred for me. I will laugh like hell when someone hacks them and sprays their personal emails all over the internet. Their outrage will be palpable, but I will simply point out their own justifications of Hager and the hacker’s actions.

I wonder if James Robins will be as critical of the left-wing when everything is revealed…and we see who was really playing the dirty politics. I am keeping a log of all those who have made statements against me with the so far lop-sided coverage and lack of balance…when the truth comes out let’s see what they have to say then.

I suspect it will be bugger all…if anything.

How can the GCSB, which illegally spied on 88 New Zealanders, be trusted with increased powers of surveillance when it cannot keep within the margins of the law? And how can the SIS, now promised an ever-widening remit, be expected to perform dutifully if it has been uncovered as ?incomplete, inaccurate and misleading?? And how can the heads of these agencies be held accountable if the first instinct of their masters is to obfuscate and insult?

Repeating another lie that has been refuted comprehensively…88 New Zealanders were not illegally spied upon…that was an accusation and one that was disproved…but it doesn’t stop feral, blinded lefty twats like James Robins continuing to lie about it.

Perhaps Andrew Little is right to ask the Prime Minister to ?stand up, take responsibility [and] apologise?, but there will be no ?moving on? from such shame-faced political drudgery.

When will media people take responsibility for their own vilification, hate-fuelled rants like that one of Robins?

They sanctimoniously point the finger and never, ever check the mirror lest they see a hypocrite staring back at them. Both Rachel Smalley and now James Robins moan about hatemongering and personal vilification ?and don’t for one moment pause to think about what they are doing.

They are intellectual pygmies.

I tell you what would be a ratings winner…one which Dallas Gurney should contemplate.

Four hours on air with me up against Rachel Smalley…I know who’d win and it won’t be the ‘serious’ journalist.


– NewstalkZB