Marlbourgh District Council loons seeking a ban on sugar, forget they banned fluoride too

The Marlborough District Council are a bunch of loons.

They are now seeking to ban sugary drinks from council facilities in a bid to save kids teeth.

Marlborough District Council could become the second council in New Zealand to ban sugary drinks from being sold at their venues and events.

The council is to develop a policy around the ban after the region’s principal dental officer warned sugar-sweetened beverages were rotting children’s teeth and ramping up levels of obesity and Type II Diabetes.

The council has come under pressure from the Nelson Marlborough District Health Board and Nelson City Council (NCC) to implement a ban on sugary drinks at its events venues. NCC adopted the ban in July and it has been well received by ratepayers there.

If a similar policy gets the green light in Blenheim it would cover sugar-sweetened beverages such as soft drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks and flavoured milk.

They would be banned from sale in council buildings, at its venues including Stadium 2000 in Blenheim, the ferry terminal and airport and at council-run events.

Diet soft drinks would still be sold and people who wanted a sugary drink could bring it to a council building or event.

Nelson Marlborough principal dental officer Dr Rob Beaglehole, who fought for the board to introduce a similar policy in top of the south hospitals, said the council had a responsibility to act as a role model.

“This isn’t a draconian policy for a blanket ban on sugar. We are not about to stop telling people they can’t have sugar in their tea or coffee. It is about making the healthy choice the easiest choice.”

He was sick of extracting rotten teeth from children who had been drinking soft drinks. Last month he pulled 11 teeth from a 2-year-old boy.

Most of his front teeth were rotten and after the extraction he needed 15 stitches.

“He wasn’t in great shape. He hadn’t been sleeping properly for weeks and he hadn’t eaten properly for two weeks.

“His mum was beside herself and sat up with him most nights. He was crying in pain.”

Doofus Dr. Beaglehole making a dick of himself

Doofus Dr. Beaglehole making a dick of himself

Before I get stuck into the Council I’ll first administer a kicking to Dr Rob Beaglehole.

He uses the case of a two year old and an apparently distraught mother as the reason to get the council to ban sugary drinks. He never once has stopped to wonder just precisely how it is that a two year old obtained sugary drinks and whether or not he obtained those drinks from the council.

More likely it was the stupid mother feeding the kids the drinks and so quite how a council ban would stop this sort of neglect is beyond me…and obviously a logic step too far for Dr. Beaglehole.

Presumably this is the same Dr. Rob Beaglehole who was quoted just a few months ago in the same Fairfax rag by the same useless reporter Heather Simpson:

New Zealand Dental Association spokesman Dr Rob Beaglehole said water fluoridation would reduce tooth decay by 40 per cent, especially in children and those who did not brush twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste.

Water fluoridation cross-cut populations and was of benefit to children, the elderly and lower socio-economic groups.

Tooth decay is the leading cause of admission to New Zealand hospitals for children, he said. Last year 5056 children underwent a general anaesthetic to have a tooth removed as a result of infection or abscess.

“Nelson Marlborough doesn’t compare that well with other fluoridated towns and cities around the country,” Beaglehole said.

So, according to Dr. Rob Beaglehole, it is about making the healthy choice the easiest choice…but adding fluoride to the water in Marlborough, which is the easiest and most effective way to reduce tooth decay by 40% is just too hard, instead let’s have a ban on sugary drinks.

Did Dr. Rob Beaglehole even stop to think while he was pushing for his sugary drink ban that perhaps his efforts were better spent on pushing for Marlborough to lift itself from the third world and fluoridate its water supply?

Now, speaking of the Marlborough District Council…these idiots who want to entertain a ban on sugary drinks voted against fluoridating the water supply….despite the fact it would save the Marlborough District Health Board?more than $1 million per annum.

Water fluoridation could save Nelson Marlborough District Health Board $1 million a year, a dentist says, as debate on the political hot potato is to be devolved to central government.

At the annual Local Government NZ conference in Nelson, delegates from councils around New Zealand voted in favour of putting the decision-making power for water fluoridation in the hands of the director of general health.

Marlborough Mayor Alistair Sowman and the New Zealand Dental Association supported the move saying the cost of defending decisions at local government level would be costly and open to inconsistency.

Sowman, who voted in favour of the move, said the controversial issue divided opinion in Marlborough and the Government should take the lead instead of pushing decisions on to councils.

“We are not trying to stop local communities from making decisions.

“This was an example of the expensive cost to the local council to defend decisions.

“Some may say we are passing the buck but councillors aren’t scientists.

And what did the council do?

That’s right they refused to fluoridate the water, voting against the proposal, which the ever useless reporter Heather Simpson also reported on.

Marlborough will not be getting fluoridated drinking water any time soon, the mayor says.

Alistair Sowman said a report of top scientists supporting fluoridation gave clear direction on the contentious issue but a decision on the political hot potato should be up to central government, not district councils.

Sowman voted in favour of devolving the decision to central government at last month’s Local Government New Zealand meeting in Nelson.

Marlborough’s drinking water is currently not fluoridated.

Opinion is split in the region over the contentious issue. Anti-fluoride supporters fear for the health implications but supporters said it would protect the oral health of communities.

Sowman said the district council would be vulnerable to legal action if they made a decision on putting fluoride in Marlborough’s drinking water.

I reckon the council will be vulnerable to legal action from makers of legal products which the council is now seeking to ban, and those companies would likely make the case that the council seeks to blame them for the tooth decay amongst children when in fact it is the council’s own decisions that are causing poor dental health outcomes amongst children.

This is why we must be vigilant against health nazis pushing their agenda, especially when they are caught pants down in cases like this.

The Marlborough District Council is yet another case for the prosecution as to why we need recall legislation.

The Marlborough Express should also hang its head in shame…communities need good media outlets so they can hold these tinpot dictators to account, and in this case the same reporter has written at least three articles on this topic and managed to cut/paste some key statistics into two of the articles but never made the logic leap that perhaps it was the lack of fluoridation that might just be causing poor dental health outcomes in the region, that and extremely poor parenting skills bordering on neglect.


– Fairfax