My how the Media worm has turned

My, how the Media worm has turned. The whole time this website was trying to get the message out to the public about Kim Dotcom the media consistently described him in the following ways…

The New Zealand Herald described him like this:

Tycoon could be kicked out of country for failing to disclose conviction.

…troubled internet millionaire Kim Dotcom has found himself kicked off the cloud storage site he founded.

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom will face tougher new bail conditions and make a daily visit to the police for at least the next week.

But the Megaupload founder’s US lawyer, Ira Rothken, has tweeted that both Davison and Simpson Grierson are stepping down from Dotcom’s legal team.

Internet millionaire Kim Dotcom has lost his appeal

Claims by internet mogul Kim Dotcom of a conspiracy between the United States and New Zealand Governments do not have “an air of reality”, a High Court judge has ruled.

One News described him like this:

The internet entrepreneur is in a High Court battle over an attempt to extradite him to the US to face piracy charges.

Internet entrepreneur and Internet Party founder Kim Dotcom was joined by US journalist Glenn Greenwald at the Auckland Town Hall for the ‘Moment of Truth’ which Dotcom predicted would be a “bombshell” just days ahead of Saturday’s General Election.

T.V 3 described him like this:

Immigration NZ (INZ) says it will consider if there is any “liability” to deport internet millionaire Kim Dotcom, after it was revealed he failed to declare a conviction for dangerous driving when he applied for New Zealand residency.

Now however he is being described like this…


The party set up and funded by German internet piracy accused Kim Dotcom missed out on getting into parliament.


The accused pirate, money launderer and racketeer was held in Mt Eden Prison after the January 20, 2012 raid on his rented mansion before being granted bail on February 22, 2012.


The party set up and funded by German internet piracy accused Kim Dotcom missed out on getting into parliament.

-NZ City

Kim Dotcom ?fugitive of justice?

Wife of alleged internet pirate Kim Dotcom wants $20 million in assets seized in FBI-backed raid on mansion of ‘Dr Evil’, who once bought two Mercedes in a day and owned two TVs worth $165,000 EACH

-Daily Mail

Kim Dotcom is probably the most wanted man in the movie theaters’ fight against piracy. He’s under investigation by the FBI, and they’re trying to extradite him from sunny, safe New Zealand to the States.


Kim Dotcom was accused of Internet piracy, money laundering and had convictions for hacking and other criminal activity since before he came to New Zealand yet our media in particular chose to ignore this and instead consistently described him as a Tycoon a Millionaire and a Businessman.

The fact that the descriptions have now started to change tells me that he has worn out his welcome and that the Media see the writing on the wall. They do not want to be seen to be backing a loser so are changing the narrative. Kim Dotcom is out of money and the friends that come with it. The Media do not want to cuddle a corpse and Dotcom has already started to stink up the joint.