Oh well done Len. Well done. 2.5%, then 3.5%, and now up to 40% and more

Auckland Council are determined to get everyone paying exactly what the formula says they should pay, no matter how much this will increase rates. ?Check this out.

The cap which has protected some Auckland homeowners from up to 40 per cent rates rises has been voted down…

Auckland Council’s Governing Body today argued its way through its 10-year budget, known as the Long-term Plan 2015-25.

Among a series of major decisions it has removed the rates cap, refused a referendum on its controversial plans to pay for expensive transport projects and made changes to how it charges property developers.

The vote to scrap the rates cap was tight – 11 votes to 10.

Since the eight old Auckland councils amalgamated into the super city, the new council has been trying to align the rates it charges.

It has meant some homeowners have had decreases in their rates, but others have faced steep increases.

In an effort to give some relief to the pain of those homeowners in line for big increases, the council operated a policy called “rates transition” – capping the extent of rates rises each year to a maximum of 10 per cent.

But today the cap went ?- all ratepayers who own similar value properties will pay the same rates no matter where in Auckland they live. And no matter how big the rates rise.

It has been reported that some will now face a massive household rates increases of 40 per cent or more next year.

This is after Len promised 2.5% rises.

And then he said, sorry, but, erm… 3.5%, ok?

And now this. ? ?

We so need to introduce recall elections at local body level. ?This is when things seriously start to spin out of control.

It isn’t so much that there is equity in paying the same as the next person, it is the fact that they campaigned on, promised the rate payers, something completely different.

At such times, there should be a way for rate payers to pull some sort of emergency break.

The councillors voted 12 votes to 9 to refuse a referendum to seek feedback from Aucklanders on transport investment and funding options.

Also taking away our voice when it comes to one of the largest investments that the Council is likely to make for some time.

Should we be surprised?

Do we feel in control at any level of Government?

It seems the wheels have come off pretty much everywhere.


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