Russell Brown thinks Little is a disaster

Pots, pans and pannier bags blogger Russell Brown rarely, if ever these days, writes about politics.

He has broken habit by writing about Labour’s just completed leadership election.

Unusually for him it is brief, he’s normally a big fan of the tl;dr post.

I?ll be brief (it?s 5am where I am and have to catch a plane) but the Labour?s leadership result and the means by which it was achieved both seem disastrous for the party and for the prospects of the centre-left.

Little didn?t win the support of the party or the caucus, he loses his electorate more badly every time he contests it, and he?s vowing to dump all the intellectual capital built up by David Parker. I can?t see any good thing about this.

Am I missing something?

No Russell you aren’t.

Andrew Little turned a 600 vote majority for Jonathan Young into nearly 10,000 for Jonathan Young…against a government at the end of its second term.

He is certainly challenging Sue Moroney’s ability to turn nominally labour seats into safe National ones.

Just 4 people in caucus support him…less even than David Cunliffe.

And he only barely won, but even with 1 percent the other way, Robertson would only have half the support.

Labour are split, hopelessly split.

no wonder Chris Trotter told Larry Williams last night that he thinks that labour is stuffed and that this is the worst possible result for the party.