Hone Harawira still drinking German Kool-Aid

Deluded?and political retards is the only description that suits the Mana party.

After losing an election, their only MP and everything else after their association with the Kaiser of Coatesville, they are now contemplating going again with the toxic German, though i’m not sure how in 2017 he will help them from a 6×9 cell in Leavenworth.

The Mana Movement is planning for the 2017 election and Kim Dotcom could be involved, leader Hone Harawira says.

Mr Harawira lost his Te Tai Tokerau seat to Labour’s Kelvin Davis and Mana’s alliance with the Dotcom backed Internet Party only gained 1.26 per cent of the party vote in September’s election.

Mr Harawira said people from across the country had attended a Mana planning meeting during the weekend.

“People are keen,” he told TVNZ’s Marae programme.

“They really want to go hard for 2017, but right now it’s about identifying key dates, key activities and being involved in things like community events wherever we are so that Mana maintains its relevance to the people.” ??

He hoped to catch up with Dotcom soon and talk about his court case and what he had planned for next year.

Whether he would work with him in the future depend on a number of things, including whether he was still in New Zealand and in a position to do anything, Mr Harawira said.

“But one thing I’ll say about Kim Dotcom is that he knows more about the internet than anybody I’ve ever met.

“He’s an engaging personality – young people get it when he talks to them and I want to try and get our young people connecting to the internet.”

Any collaboration would happen under the Mana banner, Mr Harawira said.

“The internet is the new highway to the world and so many of our kids have been denied that so I want to try in the Tai Tokerau to make that happen and if we can great, if we can’t well I’ll find another way.”

The Internet Party is currently reviewing its future and its leader Laila Harre has announced she is stepping down.

Sounds like Dotcom is still getting good value for ill-gotten bitcoins.

Either that or Hone still has a pallet of Kool-Aid to drink his way through.

Still, they could do worse, they could get Wrongly Wrongson, the blogger formerly known as Martyn Martin Bradbury to advise them on strategy.


– NZ Newswire