Lesser Known Winners & Losers of 2014


The MSM and lesser known bloggers like to give out big gay lists of awards for political winners and losers in 2014 and often miss out on some of the most interesting stories.

So we will cover some of the winners and losers this year that haven?t really made it into the public eye.

I mean everyone else has labelled John Key politician of the year except Jane Clifton, who awarded that to me. The lists aren’t even interesting anymore.

Time for a change. ?

First up is perhaps the biggest winner in Labour?s internal leadership battle that hasn?t really got a mention.

Phil Twyford has a pathological hatred of Grant Robertson, and Grant only lost the leadership by one preference of one MP. So Phil?s vote was decisive, especially since Robbo has said he will never run for the Labour leadership again.

No one in the brains trust at WOBH?can think of anything else Twyford has done this year, but at least he managed to knife his opponent, and anyone good enough to knife an opponent in such a career ending way as Twyford has deserves respect.

Word is that Robbo is after revenge so there could be some interesting fights inside Labour?s caucus in the next year or so.