Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West

Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West are being labelled “far right” by the media, but essentially it is a move by Europeans to stop what they see as their way of life being under threat.

At least 17,500 people took part in a protest against Islamization in Germany?s eastern city of Dresden, according to police. The Monday rally comes as the latest round of demonstrations organized by the rising far-right PEGIDA movement.

Thousands gathered by Dresden?s iconic opera house, the Semperoper, to demand stricter immigration rules.

PEGIDA?s founder and leader Lutz Bachmann [spoke]?at the event, stating that “Germany is no immigrant?s land” and demanding that those who wish to live in the country do so by adhering to a “culture based on the Christian-Jewish” values and “humanism.”

PEGIDA?s organizers have said that they are standing up against extremism and not against immigrants as such, but the rallies have spread concerns over a rising far-right movement in Germany.

The group?s supporters refer to themselves as ?patriots,? who are worried about the ?watering down?of Germany?s Christian culture and values.

The same has happened with UKIP in Britain. ?They are being called far right racists as well. ?But anyone with a modicum of intellectual honesty can see that by the time the invited guests tell the owners of the house how they can live, things have gone too far.

The anti-immigration movement has been gaining followers as Germany became the number one destination for asylum seekers in Europe. Moreover, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) said in a report that Germany is the second most-favored destination after the US for refugees and asylum seekers.

Many German politicians, except for the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, have spoken out against the movement. Meanwhile, locals have been stepping up their efforts in fighting off the rising nationalistic trend.

There is a judeo-Christian “white flight” taking place, and New Zealand is getting its share of “refugees”. ?While European politicians refuse to listen to their own people, chosing to label them “far right” and comparing them to Nazis, there is no other option but for the movement to rise up.

Wanting to preserve your own culture and way of life is considered “far right” by media and politicians that are happily enabling the continued Islamification of Europe. ? All this with a backdrop of “lone wolf” killings and radicalisation of people we would have considered our neighbours not long ago.

What the media and politicians refuse to acknowlegde is that we were happy to welcome Muslims into our?way of life. ?What we didn’t realise is that they aren’t interested in that. ?With sufficient numbers, they now want to enforce their way of life onto us. ?And they are willing to kill to make their point.

When media and politicians no longer serve you, what do you do then?


– Russia Today