Paul Casserly’s 2014 TV moment of the year

Wading through all the obvious, including Geoffrey buying the farm on GoT, he declares the winner:

Clearly, Pam Corkery’s “Puffed up little shit” outburst was the TV moment of the year. Corkery has long been one of our most colourful broadcasters, so her transition to press secretary for the Internet-Mana Party raised eyebrows rather than expectations.

The party’s election launch should have been a PR opportunity but it became a farce with Dotcom running from the event and Corkery blowing her top.

Her rage at the assembled journalists lit up the screens of the nation.

It was poacher, turned gamekeeper, going thermo-nuclear, or some combination of those elements. It was also timed perfectly for the 6 o’clock news. TV3’s Brook Sabin was the ‘shit’ in question. The other journalists were given a parting “when will you glove puppets of Cameron Slater just piss off?”

It was also the win-win situation of the year. For those who share the view that journalists are getting too full of themselves – and there are many in that cohort – this was the moment of truth.

Apparently people still come up to Pam everyday and say “Good on you” for her dressing down of the PULS and GPOCS, but her spectacular tanty was also a gift for journalists, for the National Party, and especially for TV3, who ran the moment at least a dozen times, even leaving the word “shit” un-beeped, unlike TVNZ.

But all media relished the gift that Pam provided and milked it like a Guernsey. Perhaps the best summary of the event was from Corkery’s own daughter, who saw the clip online and said to her mother, “Dear God, you crazy woman, you’re not in an episode of Veep.”



One of the huge?side benefits of this election is that Corkery also left Newstalk ZB. ?Lots of New Zealanders are better off for it.


– NZ Herald