Russell Brand is a complete douche

Russell Brand is a sanctimonious liberal elite douchebag.

And he is trouble.

Russell Brand could be banned from Twitter, after he tweeted the contact details of a journalist to his 8.7 million followers.

The comedian tweeted a photograph of the business card of a senior Daily Mail reporter that? included his work phone number, mobile number, and work email address.

In the since-deleted tweet, Brand, 39, alleged the newspaper and its?owner, Lord Rothermere, were avoiding tax.

“Lord Rothermere and @DailyMailUK avoid tax. One of their senior reporters wants to talk about it,” Brand tweeted, with a photograph of reporter Neil Sears’ business card attached.

He may have deleted the tweet, but Buzzfeed grabbed a copy of it.

The Guardian?reports Brand’s original tweet was retweeted hundreds of times by his followers, with some people criticising the comedian’s decision.

Piers Morgan tweeted:?”Russell Brand tweeting journalists’ personal phone numbers? What a berk.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Hats off to Russell Brand for managing the seemingly impossible: making Twitter sympathise with a Daily Mail reporter.”

Brand deleted the tweet, but did not apologise for publicising the journalist’s contact details.

“That was a bit nuts. He put it thru me door with ‘please call’ on it. They’re bothering me Mum. Deleted it. I’m human,” Brand wrote.

Despite deleting the offending tweet, Brand could face a ban from the social media site, because he was in breach of Twitter’s rules, which state: “You may not publish or post other people’s private and confidential information, such as credit card numbers, street address or Social Security/National Identity numbers, without their express authorisation and permission.”

Twitters states it can either suspend or delete accounts considered in breach of the rules.

Not doubt Giovanni Tiso will rush to his defence.


– Sydney Morning Herald