Time for a recall option

The Taxpayers’ Union has called for the implementation of a recall option for local body politics.

The Taxpayers’ Union is calling on the Government to give local?communities the ability to petition for recall elections, after Len Brown’s latest snub to ratepayers has hit the headlines. The Herald on Sunday is reporting that Len Brown has had a?private bathroom and dressing room?installed?behind a?bookshelf in the Mayor’s office. The secret rooms have cost?ratepayers $30,000.

The Union’s Executive Director,?Jordan Williams, says:

“A secret dressing room, complete with a two seater couch, is a luxury lair, not value for money for ratepayers.”

“Councillors have already censured?Len Brown for misusing funds but clearly the line in the sand is being ignored. Mr Brown’s refusal to talk to media says a lot about his respect for ratepayers and his fellow councillors.”

“It’s time the?Government gave ratepayers a voice between elections.?A?recall option would enable ratepayers to petition for a vote to fire a shameless politicians who lacks?any respect for those who pay the bills.”

John Key has stated he is opposed to recall, and says it is too difficult to implement.

It isn’t too difficult for David Cameron, Key’s mate, to implement. The UK is drafting law now for the implementation of recall.

John Key needs to do research too because it appears that it isn’t that difficult to implement in the USA, the UK, Venezuela, Canada, and Switzerland.

As Wikipedia says “Recalls, which are initiated when sufficient voters sign a petition, have a history dating back to the ancient Athenian democracy?and are a feature of several contemporary constitutions.

So why not our democracy?

What is so hard about recall legislation?

Surely a recall election is so much more effective as a tool of democracy than petitions and referenda.

It is time for John Key to put this tool in the hands of the voters to better control dodgy mayors and councillors. It would certainly be far more cost effective than Wellington’s proposed Super City amalgamation.