Another Nail in the “Charter Schools are over-funded” coffin

PPTA, NZEI and opposition parties have tried to establish the myth of Charter Schools being over-funded in the minds of what they consider to be the gullible public.

For the first 4 Years of the first 5 schools the whole Charter School budget was $19 million (i.e. less than $5 million a year). Charter School start-up funding is approximately $1 million per school.

Hekia Parata has just announced a new State School in Takanini. Start up funding $20 million.

Education Minister Hekia Parata today announced that $20 million has been set aside for the establishment of a new primary school in Takanini, Auckland.

Takanini is a fast-growing suburb and anticipated population growth is expected to generate approximately 4000 additional pupils by 2020.

Ms Parata says Takanini is a sought-after area because of special housing and private land development and there is a need to cater to the booming school-aged population. ??

?The new school will be a fantastic addition to Takanini and will ease the pressure that current schools in the area would otherwise face,? says Ms Parata.

The school is to be located on Walters Road and will open in 2017 for years 1-8.

No complaint there as no doubt the school is needed.

But note that one school set up is more than the cost of the first 5 Charter Schools for 4 years.

Note too that the contractors, builders, IT people, text book sellers, etc, will all make a profit out of this.

You will not be seeing any complaining here from the NZEI though – as they will expect the teachers at the new State School to boost their membership.

A few of the local schools may complain that their empire is being chewed on though.