Another pinko journalist doesn’t get the message about Andrew Little

What do you mean I need a media person?

What do you mean I need a media person?

Over the last few weeks we have looked closely at Andrew Little, and his speaking style.

As usual the left have said I am critical because he is Labour leader, not because it is an honestly held belief that he is dead set useless.

He hems and haws and bobs and weaves and can?t deliver a decent speech. He is wooden, loses his voice, and gets shouty.?

This is obvious to any objective person, and is why he should have spent the summer preparing to speak properly, even though he has wasted years outside of parliament and as an MP not speaking properly.

The problem for Little is that it is not just the right that are noticing how dead set useless he is at speaking. The liberal elite in the media are also noticing.

This is Vernon Small

Even if his delivery and presence at the podium still needs a lot of work.

This suggests that his delivery is so bad that people actually notice how bad it is.

The media desperately want?Little to do well, but he?can?t do well unless he can look into a TV camera and connect?with middle?New Zealand.

So far Little appears more likely to connect with an extension cord than middle?New Zealand.


– Fairfax