Chris Christie’s presidential hopes are dead

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Chris Christie’s presidential hopes are stuffed, there is little chance he will gain the Republican nomination after moving to introduce tougher gun control laws.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie?s (R) administration is proposing more gun control in the form of ?security requirements? for firearm retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers?and employees of the same?in the state.

The proposals originated with the State Police and are the result of ?several thefts and lapses in oversight?that led to at least one death? during the past 10 years. ?

According to, the new gun control would ?require dealers and manufacturers to make gun records available for inspection to State Police.? It would also put rules in place requiring ?dealers to immediately notify state and local police if their security systems fail.? And if, by chance, the security system cannot be repaired within 24 hours, the dealer could be allowed to ?move the guns to another licensed location with approval of the State Police.?

The proposals come just one month after Christie said New Jersey gun control laws ?might be a little too strict.? They also come as Christie considers running for president in 2016. points out that a successful run for the president would require Christie to ?do well in rural, gun-loving states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, which all hold early presidential caucuses or primaries.?

He will now have to fight the NRA…and they never lose.