Courage is not the absence of fear


Since the massacre in Paris of the cartoonists and journalists at Charlie Hebdo a number of organisations and individuals have claimed that they will not let this, the worse terrorist attack in France ( so far ) scare them.

Well I am very afraid. I consider myself a sensible, practical woman and I have been fearful for a long time. As an ex History teacher who loves history because of the lessons we can learn from it I have seen where Islam has been heading in Western countries for a long, long time.

If you are not afraid I respectfully suggest that you do not understand the reality of the attack that our western societies are facing.You should be afraid, but what you should not be, is so afraid that you say nothing, do nothing, or even worse make excuses for the attacks.

Apologists even now are suggesting that we should not inflame the situation by pointing out the truth of it. If we call the attack what it actually is we will upset the people behind this attack and others. We do not want to make Islamic terrorists angry, we don’t like it when they are angry.

Well you know what, I am angry. I am extremely angry. My natural reaction to fear is to fight back not cower in the hope that they will pick on a less defiant target. I despise cowardice. I come from a family that doesn’t back down to threats. I was blackmailed once by my Aunt. She threatened the very close relationship I had with my mother by threatening to reveal a personal secret to her if I didn’t comply with what she wanted me to do. I was only 18 but I went straight to my mother and told her the secret as I knew that if I removed the weapon from my Aunt she could not hurt me with it.

We can take away the power of the Islamic terrorists to silence and/or censor the press by reprinting the cartoons from Charlie Hebdo. If everyone does it we remove their targets. When only a few courageous few do it they take on their brave shoulders all of the threat. Let’s spread the load, lets all of us take our share.? Once they realise that killing one group of journalists will only exponentially increase the number of Media outlets that will now run the cartoons and will now not shy away from criticising their barbaric Sharia law and treatment of women and terrorist attacks they will be beaten. In that, theatre of war at least.

I am going to get one of the cartoons printed onto a T-Shirt today. I wrestled with my fear as I tried to decide which one. I know which one I want to use as it is the one most likely to get me physically attacked here in the street. Yes, here in peaceful little old New Zealand. I hope it won’t get me killed but I can die in the knowledge that there will be no shortage of people condemning me for being provocative and explaining away my death. Even worse they will focus not on my brutal murder but on how the public might react to it. Their concern will all be with the poor Muslims who might now experience some backlash because I was cut down in the street for wearing a cartoon on my T.Shirt.

I have a mental exercise for you. Left wing blogs with no fear at all happily attack and mock Christianity and the Jewish People but they never condemn Islam. Why is that do you think? They are contemptuous of religion and God, being mainly Atheists yet Islam some how gets given a free pass. Given the fact that the Left Wing are strong supporters of feminism and women’s rights this is incredibly puzzling as Islam is in the Medieval ages when it comes to women’s and indeed girls’ rights. Even a cursory read of Sharia Law will tell you that.

The answer is in this mental exercise. I hand you three T.Shirts. One mocks Christianity in a highly offensive way, the other mocks Judaism in a highly offensive way, the third mocks Islam in a highly offensive way. I tell you that you must choose to wear one of these T-Shirts while walking first through Auckland University, and then through a number of suburbs in Auckland that contain a mix of all three religions. Which T-Shirt would you pick and why?

There is a hand gesture commonly used by Islamic terrorists that involves raising one finger.

Well I am raising one finger to them.

Here it is.