The delusions of John Minto

The next big thing that Hone Harawira and John Minto has got going is Mana News.

And they are straight into bizarre conspiracy theories…and likely a few defamation suits.

Eleanor Catton has managed to reveal the mechanism of the National party media dictatorship this could be extremely dangerous for the survival of our democracy. According to Sean Plunkett you are not permitted to criticise the National?government its unpatriotic and against the people of New Zealand. ?Too many reporters within journalism have intimate relationships with the national party that are a conflict of interest designed to mislead the New Zealand public. These reporters are holding back real journalists like Andrea Vance.?It is unnatural for the press gallery to be uncritical of a seven year old government. The Prime minister office is pouring to many resources?into dirty politics and controling the media and little effort to tackle the housing crisis or poverty reduction.

The conspiracy would be more believable if they could spell Sean Plunket’s name properly. I’m surprised that they haven’t substituted every ‘s’ for a ‘$’.


The only person missing from that diagram is me…according to the left wing it is me who controls all those people…plus the SIS, the GCSB, the Police oh and a certain Motorcycle gang.

Quite apart from the defamatory nature of Minto’s delusions the whole thing must surely be a joke.

He is joining dots that don’t exist.

I mean it is frankly ludicrous to suggest that Steven Joyce “Monitors and manipulates the media to endorse the National party”…I mean where is the evidence of this? And if he is he is doing a really crap job considering the way the media ran their part of Dirty Politics…which John Minto and Hone Harawira know all about….since they were involved.

The accusation the Sean Plunket is a plant into Radio Live is laughable, as is the claim that Tova O’Brien is a “dear friend” of Judith Collins. The most ridiculous claim is the one against Brooke Sabin.

To think these muppets thought that they were going to ride into parliament on the back of a fat German crook and enter government is farcical in the extreme.

In any case their claims are nonsense…it isn’t Steven Joyce doing all that…it is me.