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Today’s face of the day was expected to know that her husband was a sinner not a saint. Screen shot 2015-01-07 at 11.00.12 PMHowever which one is she? Maybe Angel was her car and the rest belonged to Kim. Like many kept women the world over I am sure she didn’t worry her pretty head about such trivialities as where the money was coming from and whether it was legitimate or not. She just enjoyed it and spent it. If she was more involved in the financial side of things as her lawyer is claiming then it is harder to deny that she did not know what was going on.


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Who is Mona Dotcom? According to press reports, she is a Filipina ex-model who now lives apart from Kim.

In a sworn statement, she said, “I am entitled to at least 50% of the relationship property as I began a de-facto relationship with Kim Dotcom in November 2007 and I married Kim Dotcom on 10 July 2009. My ‘marital interest’ in the relationship property began in November 2007.”

The U.S. has some doubts, pointing to Kim Dotcom’s divorce from his first wife.

According to a motion to strike, “Divorce records from Guam pertaining to Kim Dotcom?s first marriage to Lovely Roann Ronda Vargas show that the then-Kim Vestor and Lovely Vargas married on 25 August 2007, just a few months earlier; had a child with Lovely Vestor in 2007, shortly before Mona Dotcom claims that she first met Kim Dotcom; and did not separate from his first wife until September 2, 2008.”

The U.S. also points to interviews that Mona has given about resisting her future husband’s initial entreaties. In one statement to the press, Mona said about her early days with the Megaupload founder, “I didn’t want it. I walked away. He had a girlfriend and she was my friend.”

Eventually, the two got together anyway. They formally married each other in the middle of 2009, as Mona admits, but if the clock begins then, Dotcom may have already made his fortune…

… the U.S. government says that under New Zealand law, Mona would have to establish her “complete ignorance of Kim Dotcom’s illegal activities” to establish an interest in untainted assets. But the government sees her name in the Megaupload paper trail and more. “Her claim that she did ‘not have a Mega account’ may be technically correct, since she actually had six separate accounts associated with two of her personal email addresses,” write justice department lawyers. “But these facts, which suggest that she was in fact an avid user of the Mega sites, makes any claim that she did not know the illegal nature of her husband?s business difficult to sustain.”