I’ve figured it out: “Businessman” is a new journalistic euphemism


You know how “emotional and tired” means “drunk”, and “they are not looking for anyone, and the death has been referred to the coroner” means “suicide”.

Rob Muldoon was emotional and tired when he called the 1984 snap election, if you recall. ?

The continuous use of “businessman” by the New Zealand Herald has perplexed many. ?Only yesterday David “Tainted” Fisher used it to describe Kim Dotcom.

But then it suddenly hit me! ? Like “emotional and tired”, “businessman” is actually a journalistic nod and wink for those in the know: ? that the person is a piece of scum, probably a thief, most definitely a liar, and undoubtedly untrustworthy.

Join me for further mentions of “businessman” by the NZ Herald to see if this new epiphany works.

It will do one thing: ?it will make some NZ Herald articles make sense again.

Just as an example, here is a “businessman”: