Listen to their words and understand their real message

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We in the West are ignorant about so much that is Islam. This ignorance is used against us as we are so trusting and naive. We assume that Islam is just like other religions. We assume that when Muslims say things they can be taken at face value. We are wrong on both counts.

I want to educate you on one thing and one thing alone. It will totally change how you react in the future to statements from the Muslim community world wide as well as here in New Zealand, after a terrorist attack in yet another western country.

How many times have you heard the following?…

We condemn the killing of innocent people

We condemn the killing of innocents

Sounds like they are condemning the terrorist attacks right?


Notice how they always use the word innocent or innocents. There is a very good reason for their use of that word.

The notion of ?innocent? in Islam can never be applied on Non-Muslims, because according to the islamic Jurisprudence, they (the non-Muslims) rejected the message of Allah and Mohammed (they are not Muslims), so they are considered automatically non innocents?But when the Muslims say it in the western media addressing this statement to a non-Muslim audience , they are considered to not be lying because? they mean?Islam condemns the killing of Muslims?. They are the only people considered Innocents in the Islamic jurisprudence? ??

Muslims can never say Islam condemns the killing of Non-Muslims openly and directly, but says ?Innocents? instead?This widely used tactic is called ??Tawriya? or ??Ketman? (????? ? ????? ). This is an integral part of the Islamic teachings on dealing with non-Muslims. It means a Muslim say something but in his heart he means another thing completely the opposite for example. So that is NOT considered lying in Islam.

The Hamas group that controls the Gaza Strip on Saturday issued a condemnation of the deadly attacks by Islamist gunmen in France this week, saying there was no “justification for killing innocents“.


What about when they say things like,’ Islam condemns terrorism’ or ‘Muslims are not terrorists?’ Surely they must mean that?


The same thing is applied to the word ?terrorism? or ?terrorist??Muslims consider what they do is not terrorism; In their mentality they believe it?s a ?resistance? or they are ?defending Islam? , ?fighting oppression? or ?Jihad in the way of Allah?. Therefore Muslims can easily say ?Islam condemns terrorism? or ?Muslims are not Terrorists? because in their hearts they believe what they do is not terrorism and as mentioned before they are not lying.