SPCA’s Bob Kerridge a racist


Ah yes, Bob ?Even though he’s headed up the Auckland SPCA for quite a while now, he’s a bit of a Taliban type when it comes to animals v humans. ?He doesn’t care much for the latter.

SPCA boss Bob Kerridge has been labelled racist after he linked dog attacks to the ethnicity of their owners.

He’s come under fire for comments he made about the high number of dog attacks in south Auckland.

Some dogs can be menacing, savage and even deadly if they attack. There have been more than 1000 convictions related to dog attacks in the past five years, a third of them in Manukau, south Auckland.

Claims by Mr Kerridge that that means ethnicity is a factor, have sparked outrage.

Mr Kerridge reportedly said some races don’t know or care about their responsibilities as dog owners.

Well, he’s a crusty old coot, and he’s not one to mince words when one of his faithful are at the receiving end of some bad treatment.

Local MP for Mangere Su’a William Sio shares Mr Kerridge’s frustration about the growing problem in south Auckland, but he disagrees it’s a race issue.

“I think it’s wrong for him to be pointing the finger at ethnic groups and saying they’re responsible for the number of dog attacks,” says Mr Sio.

But he says new migrants need help to better understand the rules of owning an animal.

Oh, riiiiiiiight. ?Sio is a migrantist. ? How can you blame migrants and then not involve race? ?Seriously?

“My concern is that when people start owning animals there isn’t enough info out there about what you need to do to be a responsible animal owner.”

Mr Sio wants more education on the issue for new migrants, and Immigration New Zealand says it is planning to come up with some guidelines.

Has Sio actually checked if they are pets or livestock? ?It might drive the kind of information and training that’s needed. ?Just sayin’…

Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy released a statement saying the sweeping claims stereotyping entire races as irresponsible people who don’t care about their pets are “unhelpful, wrong and incredibly offensive to a lot of people”.


So, people are offended. ? So what? ? Nothing happens.

– 3 News