The weasel words and hypocrisy of the NZ Herald

The NZ Herald has finally published their reasoning for refusing to publish the Charlie Hebdo front cover.

The New Zealand Herald won’t be publishing.

The Herald’s longstanding policy is not to publish imagery designed to cause offence to religious or ethnic communities.

It is not a response to the views of extremists or jihadists, which the Herald of course opposes, but to respect the sensibilities of mainstream believers.

Fairfax publications The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age published the cover late in the day, while Daily Mail Australia opted against running the image, a decision made by its London head office.

Except their excuse is rank hypocrisy.

Exhibit A:


Maybe their policy is more recent than 2010…but they did say longstanding policy…is 5 years longstanding when the Herald has been publishing since 1863. I should have thought that 5 years in a history of 152 year was but a blip, certainly not longstanding. ?

Exhibit B:



Looks like the policy wasn’t in place in 2011 either…so their longstanding policy is but 4 years old…but wait…

Exhibit C:


Exhibit D:


Exhibit E:


Exhibit F:HeraldhypocrisyFExhibit G:



It appears their “longstanding policy” is only two years old…unless of course offending Christians doesn’t count.

I contacted editor Shayne Currie for comment about their hypocrisy in?the?face of all this evidence, he responded:

We?ve paid careful consideration to religious imagery since the controversy and backlash surrounding the Danish cartoons of the prophet Muhammad in 2006.

The examples you?ve highlighted below are news stories about billboards put up by a mainstream Christian denomination ? our policy does not prevent reporting on debates within faith communities.

The NZ Herald’s cowardice and hypocrisy is exposed for us all to see. It would appear that the NZ Herald stance is more that the NZ Herald is afraid of Islamic backlash and it is only Islamic religious imagery that they?are careful with. Meanwhile other faith based communities can expect a double standard from the NZ Herald.

As for a “longstanding policy” it appears that it is just 8 years old. Pathetic.

I’m not sure I’d want to subscribe or advertise with an organisation that is so hypocritical and so lacking in courage.

What else won’t they print for fear of upsetting someone. The NZ Herald is now a censored organisation.

They no longer the deserve the title of “newspaper of record“.