1400% increase in IVF babies born to lesbian couples


Ok, to be fair, that’s in the UK. ?But I think it portends something that will obviously spark debate.

One baby is born through IVF to lesbian parents almost every day in the UK, new figures have revealed.

The numbers from 2012 ? the most recent available ? show that 348 babies were born to women recorded as having a female partner.

This is a 14-fold increase on the 25 such babies born in 2003, according to the statistics from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority.

So. ?The question is: ?Is it a human right to have a baby even if you are a lesbian couple?

The law was liberalised in 2008 to make it easier for two women to have children via IVF, by removing the obligation for clinics to consider the need for a father figure for the potential child.

And in 2013, NHS rules were changed so that women in same-sex relationships with proven infertility could access state-funded fertility treatment.

Before then, lesbian couples had to pay privately, at an estimated cost of around ?15,000.

A spokesman for the gay rights charity Stonewall said: ?We think it?s fantastic that even more children are being conceived in safe and supportive environments, and into loving families, since the ban on lesbians using fertility clinics was lifted.?

But some campaigners have warned of the dangers of a generation of fatherless children.

It’s a valid question. ?And with recent announcements where scientists have managed to make rudimentary?sperm from stem?cells, we are now facing a future where a lesbian couple can take the DNA of one woman, add it to the ovum of the other woman, and use IVF to have a baby.


– Daily Mail