Only 19 turn up to listen to the The Great Whinger

Gareth Morgan has been banging on for weeks about his ‘solutions’ to race relations in this country.

After slagging off Don Brash publicly he fronted up at Orewa yesterday and just 19 others bothered to come listen to the old fool…there were more media than there were Rotary Club members.

The views that propelled the National Party close to government a decade ago were “harsh and intolerant,” philanthropist Dr Gareth Morgan told a small audience in Orewa today.

The man who gave those views – Dr Don Brash – sat in the audience to hear his famous 2004 speech described as being a “harsh and intolerant view that is intolerant of anyone who is different”.

“We still have a faction in our midst who see admitting culpability… is giving Maori the upper hand. This section of the community is clearly filled with fear.”

As Treaty of Waitangi celebrations began in the North, the two Pakeha men attempted to solve the problems of the past 175 years in front of small audience of people largely in the same age range. A total of 19 people gathered to hear the pair speak -and almost the same number of media representatives. ?

So all the? noise,interviews, and pontifications from the twat and 19?people show up?

He claimed “We still have a faction in our midst”.

What faction was that Gareth, the audience?

Gareth Morgan is a classic bumper sticker socialist…everything his says or does has about as much depth as an actual bumper sticker. No real actions ever happen.

My dear departed grandfather used to say “Empty vessels make the most noise”…and Gareth Morgan sure makes a lot of noise.

Hasn’t he got some dictator somewhere in?the?world to go visit on his motorbike and declare his country a nirvana?



– NZ Herald