5000 arrest warrants for beneficiaries


Q. What do you call 5000 arrest warrants for beneficiaries?

A. A good start

Figures released by the Ministry of Social Development show more than 5000 beneficiaries have been sent arrest warrant notifications since welfare reform changes in 2013.

The changes were introduced to stop people who are evading arrest from getting their benefits, and to help police in clearing outstanding warrants.

The ministry says more than half of the 15,000 people with an outstanding warrant are beneficiaries.

Since July 2013, about 5500 beneficiaries have been sent notices telling them they have such warrants.

More than a third of them live in Auckland.

The ministry said it was unable to say how many people had had their benefits cut as a result of the changes

These people have been stealing money through deception and fraud, and they deserve all the attention they’ll get. ? Unfortunately, the police do not have the resources to follow them all up. ?Bit of a bottleneck there. ?But as people drift across the cops for other reasons, their arrest warrants are on file.