A reader emails about online voting

I am extremely concerned about the prospect of on-line voting. The suggestion that they are ?looking into on-line voting? for the 2017 election, scares the hell out of me for two reasons.

  1. Votes will be cast without research or consideration. A last minute ?click here? without any concept of what that actually delivers.
  2. 2014 election my 37year old stepdaughter with a very busy career went on-line and completed a questionnaire to help her decide who to vote for. The result was the Greens, so she voted accordingly. After the election she was disappointed with her vote as many Green policies were against her belief. The very thought of Laila Harre or Dotcoms influence in Government appalled her. Though she voted because she believes it is important to do so, she voted without understanding the MMP consequence. Lesson learnt.

How many people did just that? Asked a computer to decide their future and their political preference?

The democratic right to vote for a Government to represent us every 3 years should be taken more seriously than on-line polling or questionnaires. I do not suggest for 1 minute that it is a corrupt influence or process, however I suggest under MMP a computer cannot determine party coalition preference. Therefore it cannot be applied, and the result has dire consequences for NZ.

If a questionnaire was to determine my vote I strongly believe it would also recommend a Green Party vote. Why? ?

Because I live a very ?green? life. I agree with many ?green? ideals. I fought for equal pay. I fought for ?a women?s right to chose.? I support Save the Whales. I am proud of being nuclear free. I protested against the 1981 Spring Bok tour. I haven?t bought anything ?Made in France? since the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior. I grow my own meat and vegetables. I support Gay rights. I support child poverty. I recycle, and respect the environment.

Would I ever consider voting Green? HELL NO. I am a card-carrying member of the National Party.

I am opposed to Unions. I am opposed to ?State Housing for Life.? I am opposed to ?Working for Families? type welfare. I am opposed to anti-smacking law. I support troops being deployed to fight ISIS. I support Charter Schools. I support asset sales. I do not support Gay marriage, but support Civil Unions for Gays. I support 3 Strike Laws. I support mining Conservation Land.

I do not support changing our flag. (Don?t get me started)

So how does a computer or a computer programme decide which basket I should be placed in? It cannot.

On-line voting will encourage the lazy, and the naive to vote in reaction. I take my vote very seriously. I research my options, I explore the possibilities and probabilities of my choices and the MMP results.

I have not always voted National, in fact my first vote was for the Values Party, and I voted for David Lange in hatred of Muldoon. My vote is always based on what I believe is best for NZ. Right or wrong, it is researched, and it is valued.

The democratic right to vote should have some consequence or price. If it is as simple as having to get out of bed on a Saturday morning and get oneself to a polling booth once every 3 years, so be it. If you cannot handle that, you should not be trusted with the privilege of a vote. These people should remain the missing million.


– KGB via email