Being able to choose proves a winner for kids & parents at Vanguard Military School


Vanguard Military School this morning released the results of last years academic year.

They are impressive and shows that while the media and opposition wishes to ankle tap charter schools they are just getting on with providing excellence in education for their students.

A quick summary of their results shows that from their official results from NZQA 96.2% passed at NCEA Level 1 and 100% at NCEA Level 2.?

I?m sure opponents will try to discredit these results but I note the following also:

  • 31 students had previously failed NCEA before attending Vanguard and have now passed.
  • All students at Vanguard get enrolled to sit NCEA regardless of baseline testing data, an example of this are students who still don?t know their full times tables are enrolled in NCEA Level 1 Maths.
  • They?teach the NZ Curriculum.?
  • The results are a combination of internal and external assessments, to make sure their?internal assessments were valid they?sent them to registered and qualified teachers outside of their?school to be moderated and compared the marks.? In all cases they?inputted the lowest grade. i.e. they marked them harder than other teachers outside of the school.
  • All students have to take Maths, English and Physical Education.
  • Even though students travel from as far away as Waiuku their?unjustified absent rate was just 2.4%.
  • Secondary Schools in 2014 had to be open for a minimum of 380 half days.? Vanguard was teaching for 450 half days.

Those are stunning results, and when compared with Alfriston College, especially around truancy, which Fairfax put up as a better alternative to charter schools the result are spectacular.

CEO Nick Hyde said ?It is very pleasing to see all the hard work done by the staff and the students be rewarded with such positive results.? This school is really making a difference to the student?s lives and there are a lot of happy parents and students who have benefited from having a choice to attend Vanguard.?

If charter schools continue to deliver results like this for student and parents then they are only going to grow and they will continue to outshine state and union dominated schools stuck in their old ways.

Full Results (pdf)