ACT want to be hip, cool, groovy and with it

The ACT Party says they’re getting rid of their tired old grumpies in favour of a bright and breezy future.

“Maybe we should be handing out a bit more dye like they do in the National Party,” [David Seymour] joked.

And while a youthful band valiantly tried to up the tempo, grey locks easily outnumbered wrinkle-free faces at the annual conference.

Political commentator David Farrar had predicted the party’s demise, declaring ACT clinically dead three years ago.

“The fact they actually got through when you consider everything they’ve had in the past in the way of scandals, you know I was totally wrong,” said Farrar.

Wrongly David Wrongson also didn’t get much right. ?Of course, ACT has died. ?It’s on life support via Epsom. ? Let’s be real here – Kim Dotcom, Laila Harre and Hone Harewira got more votes for their sideshow than ACT did. ?Helps to remember that, you know, as a reality check. ?

ACT’s president wants to show they’re back, bright and breezy, not the tired old grumpies of the past, in his words. But too bright and breezy can do funny things to the mind, as Mr Seymour misspoke his party’s core policy this afternoon.

“We’re in favour of a smaller role for business and a larger role ? sorry, a smaller role for government and a larger role for business and community,” he said.

There is room, at a squeeze, for 10 million people on the venue’s farm. ACT were thrilled with 230, though even that included the media and the band.

But numbers mean a lot to the party leaders, whether it’s the changing cost of New Zealand Super, raising the age of retirement to 67 or increasing its share of the vote.

There are 5-8% of voters that reluctantly vote for National but would like to have a credible alternative that’s a little further to the right. ?Colin Craig’s outed himself as a megalomaniac nutcase, and I don’t think he’ll be leading the Conservative Party by the next election. ?Depending on who replaces him, they may sweep up some of that vote.

But ACT is a damaged brand. ?In spite of its attempts to rejuvinate, they’ll only remain on Epsom’s life support, while the rest of us are looking for a political death with dignity.


– 3 News