Andrew Little adds pressure to festering Sabin problem


What a complete omnishambles (the word I now have to use instead of cluster-something). ?The whole thing has been running to the predictable playbook that I laid out last year. ?And still National didn’t do anything to prevent it unfolding the way it is now.

Labour leader Andrew Little has thrown doubt over the Prime Minister’s recollection of when he was told about Northland MP Mike Sabin’s personal issues.

Mr Sabin resigned on Friday effective immediately, following reports he had been the subject of a police investigation.

Mr Little says his office contacted John Key’s office in late November – even though Mr Key has always said he only learned of Mr Sabin’s issues in December.

However, Mr Key concedes Mr Sabin should have been more upfront with the rest of the National Party.

“There’s probably an argument that says under ?no surprises? we encourage people, if they have family issues, to come and tell us,? he says. ?But the fact of life is that he didn’t and nothing’s going to change that.?

Finally the attempt to shift the blame onto Sabin for, erm, being slow to provide a clear picture, is starting to come out.

But here’s the problem: ? the PM and his staff should have known what happened. ?I knew. ?Others knew. ? And we’re talking just after the election: ?October last year.

Sabin still went on to be appointed Chair of the Law and Order Select Committee and then Key even said that Sabin was in the running for a ministerial post.

The media and Little have finally caught up, and the pressure is now on.

And there is (once again), no clean way out of it. ?In spite of people on the inside, people on the outside and even normally trusted voices being completely ignored as recently as a few weeks ago.

Even the mere smell of “family problems” and “assault investigation” should have caused the Prime Minister’s advisors to tell Key this was one to stay clear of. ? Did they? ? And if they did, why didn’t Key take their advice?

Key seems to be winging things a lot of late, and it’s not coming off. ? He should have learned from several incidents last year that when anyone asks “when?”, his first answer should be: ?”let me check my records before I provide you with an answer”.

The NZ media have now tied him into yet?another?timeline mess, and that will be used to continue to drive a wedge in.

This is what happens when you let the opposition determine who to take advice from.


– 3 News