Andrew Little almost calls PM a liar over Sabin, but actually lacks the stones to do it

Andrew Little has been on Radio Live this morning all but?calling Prime Minister John Key a liar.

He says he knows stuff…and as a result the PM is lying. But he lacked the courage to actually say it, even when pressed by Mark Sainsbury.

It seems he is going to use the media to continue the focus on what John Key knew when.

The reason they are hammering this in the media is come next week they will be unable to ask any questions on this in parliament….for a number of reasons, but the main one being it is in reality a party matter and not a ministerial matter.

But since this is a party matter and Andrew Little is focussing what someone knew when, then perhaps he might like to answer some questions about what he knew when as well.

Let’s start with the Darren Hughes affair that Phil Goff keep very quiet for three weeks until Jonathan Marshall few down from Auckland and turned the beltway inside out by doing what no gallery journalist had the courage to do.

Mr Little was the president of Labour at that time. ?

  • Did Phil Goff or Darren Hughes land lady, Annette King, ?tell him about the spot of bother that Darren Hughes had landed himself in after allegedly stupefying a teenager in Wellington and having that same teenager flee naked from Annette King’s house?
  • When did Andrew Little as president of the Labou party know about the legal and possibly criminal problems that Darren Hughes faced?
  • Was Andrew Little involved in trying to keep the story about Darren Hughes out of the media?
  • What actions did Andrew Little take in dealing with Darren Hughes and in what time frame.

Now let’s look at Dirty Politics.

The answers to these questions will become apparent in due course.

  • When was Andrew Little, one of the lowest ranked list MPs and a back bench MP of Labour, briefed on the contents of Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics?
  • Was it before the release?
  • If it was before the release why was it a lowly ranked list MP and a backbench MP briefed on the contents of a book when the subject of the book wasn’t even contacted?
  • Who else in Labour was likewise briefed and when did that occur?
  • Presumably if a low ranked MP like Andrew Little was briefed on Dirty Politics then people much hire up were briefed, and if they were by whom?

Andrew Little likes to play with fire, some answers to those questions should be forth-coming I should think, they items of public interest, and relevant to both the Sabin case and the involvement of Labour in aiding, abetting and disseminating Dirty Politics.

The first week of parliament promises to be interesting.


– Radio Live