Who is Andrew Little? Ctd – Making up dumb policy on the fly

Andrew little

In the last week we have taken some time to discuss Andrew Little internally, and especially his three major policy stuff ups.

First he suggested that we turn?the entire principle of the criminal justice system on its head, and make accused rapists prove they had consent. That was a while back when Little wasn?t under the white hot pressure of being opposition leader. Our mate David ?Pinko? Farrar was up in arms about it at the time. ??

Next he suggested that water should not be a tradable commodity, essentially saying that he would be removing all water meters. It is hard to believe this was the result of a long period of careful and contemplative thought about the issue.

Then in a rush of shit to the brain he came out with a great policy allowing Iwi to make their own laws. Once again Arts, Lifestyle and Travel blogger David Farrar was incredulous.

Of all the dumb policies, this is the dumbest.

Little has reinforced to middle New Zealand that he will continue to treat Maori differently to everyone else, and that a vote for Labour is a vote for preferential treatment for Maori.

Middle New Zealand are not listening to much, but they are listening to this, and they don?t like what they hear.