Andrew Little: Parasite employers


It turns out that Andrew Little speaks from personal experience

A freelance journalist who helped Mr Little’s campaign for the leadership went without pay for four months. That was until an unlikely debt collector intervened ? government minister Steven Joyce.

Freelance journalist David Cohen was called into work on Mr Little’s campaign for the Labour leadership in October. His role was to distil Mr Little’s ideas.

He did the job, sent an invoice, but nothing. So Mr Cohen complained in print in the latest National Business Review.

“Four months, many inquiring telephone calls and gazillions of emails on, I’m still none the financially richer for having taken this oddball assignment ? not by a bean.”

So Mr Joyce stepped up in Parliament this afternoon, and it seems to have worked.

The ordeal is a pretty simple reminder for the Labour leader: if you are going to fight for workers’ rights, pay the bills of people who work for you.

I suspect the real problem is that Andrew Little didn’t think he needed to pay it personally, and the Labour Party would pick up the tab. ?Sources close to Fraser House tell me that many party bills are going unpaid as the accounts are looking the same colour as the party logo.

Be that as it may, it’s a basic rule in politics that you always pay political mercenaries in full and on time. ?Not doing so will motivate them to start working against you.

Being a Union man, a Labour man, as well a someone that leads a party that constantly accuses National of poor workplace legislation, it really dilutes your integrity when don’t pay your own staff for the work they did at your request.


– 3 News