Andrew Little’s bizarre positioning on Sepuloni

Earlier I blogged that I thought that Andrew Little had got it wrong on standing down Carmel Sepuloni.

In public statements Little is all over the place.

He started off by saying:

“Well it’s because as spokesperson for Social Development, when she has a close family member involved in an issue like this, it’s appropriate that she step aside so that there’s no claim of a conflict of interest,” Mr Little says.


Which changed to:

“Carmel has assured me she didn’t know her mother was facing these charges.” He said she would stay on the front bench and in her role as Junior Whip, but had agreed step aside temporarily as social development spokesperson while the matter was dealt with.

– NZ Herald

And then changed to:

“Carmel is an adult and her mother is an adult. Carmel is not responsible for the actions of her mother,” he said.

“We have agreed she will step aside … on a temporary basis while these matters are dealt with. There is a conflict of interest at the present time.”

– Fairfax

Then we get this nugget:

Little said Sepuloni would be reinstated regardless of the outcome of any charges against her mother.

“She is not responsible for her mother’s actions,” he said.

She was not expected to take any leave from Parliament, though she had been away this week with a sick child.

As far as he was aware she would not be going to New Plymouth to support her mother.

It is understood they are not close.

“There’s a reality about the relationship between her and her mother. That’s a matter for her, but knowing what I know I fully understand the situation,” Little said.


So the question is then, why stand her down?

Carmel Sepuloni has done nothing wrong, it’s not her fault her mother is a bludging stealing ratbag.

Andrew Little also said:

Little said if anyone saw her as fair game because of her mother’s actions that would reflect badly on them.


Righto Little, you have clearly seen her as fair game?otherwise you would have stood by her. Furthermore you are right…it does reflect badly on you.

Carmel Sepuloni has done nothing wrong, Andrew Little should have stood loyally by?one of his four votes. Instead he threw her under the bus and then proceeded to make conflicting and inconsistent statements.

It is hard to believe that Labour party members think this muppet can run the country.

I’ll leave the last word on this episode to Judith Collins and Shane te Pou: