Angry Andy doesn’t actually understand what he has to do


One of my readers captured this tweet from Andrew Little, and it is worth having a think about.


Yes, it’s nasty. ?Yes, it isn’t really constructive. ?But that isn’t the point. ?

The point is that Andrew Little is still in “us versus them” mode. ? Bosses versus workers. ?Us and the enemy. ?Labour versus National.

What he fails to grasp is that a good 10% of “National Supporters” aren’t actually comfortable doing so. ?They only do it because they don’t believe in the alternative. ?And another 10% would vote Labour if National scared the bejesus out of them. ? I don’t have to theorise this – we’ve seen this happen in the past. ? Even Labour hasn’t managed to take Bill English’s biggest loser crown away.

So instead of selling a Labour Party with better ideas, he’s making fun of (assume heart- and brainless) National voters. ?He sees them as the enemy. ?He sees them as people that need to be ridiculed.

The man is in charge of the second largest political party in this country, and he doesn’t even understand that he has to ‘steal’ voters back from National. ? He can’t count on his support coming back just by gutting the Green Party. ?For one, it wouldn’t add up to enough voters.

Have you ever heard Key say that Labour voters are a bunch of (whatever?). ?Of course not. ?All Labour voters are?potential? National voters, and he treats them that way. ? Not to mention the fact we are all New Zealanders, and more importantly: voters.

Angry Andy Little has a lot to learn.