Another Auckland Council trougher living life on the large overseas

Auckland Council is out of control.

Over the weekend it was revealed that one trougher from ATEED is living life on the large at ratepayers expense in London.

Len Brown professed no knowledge of the arrangements but backed it.

Now we know why…he probably did know, and also knew of another trougher living life on the?large, this time in San Francisco…and there are plans for another in China.

Aucklanders have their own woman in San Francisco to go with their own man in London.

Pam Ford, of Auckland Council’s economic development arm, has been based in San Francisco since March last year.

On Saturday, the Herald revealed that Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (Ateed) had created a contract in London for one of its senior executives, Grant Jenkins, at a cost to ratepayers of more than $230,000.

His English-born wife was homesick and had been longing to return home for several years, according to a former council staffer. ?

Yesterday, an Ateed spokesman confirmed that Ms Ford, the project manager for Ateed’s leverage programme at the 2013 America’s Cup in San Francisco, had returned to the city for a joint role with New Zealand Foreign Affairs and Trade as a VIP programme manager.

The cost of the job to Auckland ratepayers is unknown, but an Ateed spokesman last night said it was a small percentage of the 12-month contract.

Ms Ford was one of 11 Ateed staff who spent $220,000 promoting New Zealand exports and investment from California during the three-month cup campaign.

Ateed chief executive Brett O’Riley, who defended Mr Jenkins’ posting on Friday, was not responding to messages yesterday.

In a joint statement with Mayor Len Brown on Saturday, Mr O’Riley signalled a plan for a third overseas posting in China.

Yesterday, Mr Brown defended Mr Jenkins’ posting and other overseas postings.

Nice work if you can get it.

I wonder what these two troughers do all day. I bet they swan around taking long lunches, visiting country clubs and hosting the odd dinner party.

Len Brown’s council is getting completely out of hand.

“I totally back Brett [O’Riley] in his decision here. All they are doing is carrying our what we have told them to do and that is to encourage overseas investment in our city.

“This is a pilot project and it will conclude in September. The key thing I want to see is an outcome here,” Mr Brown said.

The outcome will be more red ink on the Council balance sheet. He just mouths platitudes and weasel words…probably because he is a weasel.

While he increases our rates it is being spent on frivolities like this.

Stand down, Len Brown.


– NZ Herald